jQuery Hotbox demo

hotbox in Maya

What's this?

A hotbox is a popup quick navigation panel that is often used in complex desktop software, such as 3D programs. It is typically activated upon pressing and holding the spacebar. A hotbox provides convenient shortcut options to power users of a program.

Since I've never seen a hotbox implemented on the web, I decided to code one myself using jQuery. Go ahead and try it, press and hold the spacebar to launch it, release to close it. Note that the content of the demo hotbox is very simple, but you can place anything you like in it: text, images, links.

This demo was tested to work with Firefox 3, IE7, Opera 9.63 and Safari 3.2.2, all on Windows Vista. Please let me know your feedback by commenting on the article

This demo is produced by Ferdy Christant, you can see the full article here. You are free to use the code in this demo for your own purpose.