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Welcome to S3maphor3 is a small software brand founded by Ferdy Christant in 2004. This site serves to maintain publications and services concerning the s3maphor3 products. The brand mission is to deliver fun, innovative, open, honest, high quality products and services to the open source community.

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PIMB PIMB, PHP Instant Messaging Bots, is a PHP-based chat bot framework that allows you to write, run and manage bots from a web-based panel. Writing a bot is as easy as writing a PHP function. More.. PIMB Blogo is a XHTML-compliant Lotus Domino-based blog application. It is robust, fully web-based, and flexible enough to optimize to your own needs without writing a single line of code. More.. PIMB IDocuments is a Lotus Domino-based collaboration application. It allows you to create, edit, categorize, search and share documents with your team. IDocuments is currently maintained at OpenNTF. More..



PIMB Jungle Dragon™ is a (wildlife) photo sharing site with next-generation social networking features. Jungle Dragon™ has the photo sharing features of sites like Flickr, the rating features of sites like Digg, the collaborative knowledge management features of Wikipedia, and the credit/level system of games like World of Warcraft. Jungle Dragon™ takes the concept of user-generated concept to a whole new level, unlike anything you have ever seen before. PIMB Blogo.NET is an ASP.NET version of Blogo. Its is a fully functional N-tiered .NET 3.5 web application with an advanced web administration panel and a robust basic feature set, that is designed for customization. More..


  • Thread3r - a Windows desktop application that analyzes the performance benefit of threads on systems with multiple CPUs or hyperthreading.
  • DeepZoom - DeepZoom uses Silverlight 2.0 technology to provide a large grid of high resolution images to the user. The user can move along the grid and zoom into extraordinary detail whilst keeping bandwidth consumption low, and the experience smooth.